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Technology Research And Development System
The company insists on exploiting market with the technological innovation, invests a huge sum of money to carry on the software and hardware technological group construction in recent years and enters technological cooperation with famous universities extensively. The company adopts CAD, CAT technology extensively in designing.

Management System of Quality
Quality is the of enterprises,detail determines the succes of failure. The company implements the total quality control(TQM),adopts the value project to pursue 5s management at the same time,check on every detail strictly from raw materials to the dinished product,the ahead lines of process want after lines of process watch coming to cusomer. the company implements the management principle of whole quality,let every staff of the company have quality-mind of height.Aim that"the customer is God" in company's resource management,the company plans to introduce ERP and PDM management mode progressively in 2006.

We promise formally: The presses which we manufactured will be passed QC and tested before sending from factory

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