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LBX Asphalt Mixing Plant
LBX Asphalt Mixing Plant

Product features: 
1. LBX series plants equip with small finished products storage bin and require a small space. The standard configuration consists of one finished products storage bin and one waste bin. 
2. Overall height of LBX series plants is high, requiring large tonnage cranes during the installation. 
3. LBX series plants are suitable for application with small space, small request of finished products storage, sufficient units of transport vehicles, high frequency of relocation. 
4. Compared to LB series, LBX series have low operation cost and low failure rate, with the small finished products storage bin under the mixing tower.

Main Technical parameters:

Model LBX3000 LBX4000
Rated production capacity 240 t/h 320 t/h
Power 539 kW 705 kW
5/6 6
Quantity of cold bins
Cold silo volume 15m3 15m3
Loading width 3.6m
Feeding height horizontal plane  3.5m      Semi- ground warehouse -style 2m
Fuel and consumption Light or heavy oil ≤6.5 kg/t ;gas ≤7.5m3/t ;coal ≤14 kg/t
Shaker 5 layer/ 6 layer 6 layer
Measurement Accuracy

Aggregate ± 0.5%;   asphalt ± 0.2%;  powder ± 0.3%

Mixing tank capacity 3000kg 4000kg
Haul car power None
Finished products warehouse capacity 50t
Dust emission concentration ≤20 mg/N
Noise ≤70dB

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